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(a short fairy-tale after Tove Jansson's stories)

By John Stienen

* About Muumi. Muumi was lying at his usual place (or at one of his usual places) He looked satisfied into the water, while he almost fell asleep because of the gentle buzzing of the bees. He started to think about himself, about his past, present, future, his hobbies, ....
The water in the Muumi valley started to rise, was he dreaming, or was there a boat setting sail for different shores? He decided to get on the boat by the beautiful name of 'AEGEE'. Where he went, he didn't know, but beautiful places where ahead of him. Every now and then he decided to land. Two regions were especially appreciated by him, Brabant and the region of former Yugoslavia. * Muumi's travelling.
* Muumi's virtual friends. Then he startled, some of his friends were talking about new developments on some strange thing called 'web', which sounded like something very addictive to Muumi.
For Muumi the world is bigger than just the Muumi Valley. He has been quite active at several fields. Apart from the serious things he did for AEGEE's Human Rights Working Group, and part of AEGEE's WWW Services, he is also a member of the BLF.
Some of his friends were linked to this strange web, which connects the Muumivalley, with places he never heard of. Could he save them, or should he join them? What should he do? He decided to get linked to the same thing, but what could come out of that? * Muumi's Web experience.
* Ringtones. In his free time, Muumi listens to ringtones which Snufkin plays on the harmonica.
You can of course check my bookmarks or send me an e-mail. 'I like receiving mail' Muumi said and smiled, not because there was something particularly funny, but just because he was happy... * Muumi feedback.

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